Jobs. Books. Poets.

That doughty old Englishman Kingsley Amis says writers shouldn't complain about having jobs; the time to start complaining is when you don't have one.

He may be right. My work has been oddly pleasurable since I moved and had all these difficulties with my landlord. Work, now, seems rather sane and safe.

And you know what? Though I'd never admit it, I get a lot more reading done now I have no tv and no telephone line for my internet access. In the morning I sit with black coffee by my window and actually pick up books again, as they did in less sophisticated times.

But I do miss the daily conversations with my cyber friends. The poetry community has moved almost completely onto the internet now. If you're not part of that you feel totally disconnected from the hub of what's going on.


Anonymous said…
I mailed you some chaps today. You gotta get back on the internet properly!
tom said…
i am at my sister-in-laws. my wife, sister-in-law and father-in-law are off to church. I am sneaking time on her computer. She thinks spending time on the internet is wasted - but she watchs tv which i think is time wasted - ha! so, hope you can solve the problem and get on more often.