Moving House (6)

I move to the new place on March 1st. I am not working until then--I had a lot of annual leave still to take--but all my money (and then a little more) is tied up in the move, so I can't afford to do anything. Well, nothing that involves £££. So what am I doing? Sitting around the house, and getting up periodically to put things in boxes, and to clean.

I'm cleaning for two reasons: 1) because I vaguely hope to recover my deposit when I leave (that £475 could come in handy), and 2) because it would be rude to leave the house looking like a bomb site. But I'm afraid it still won't look great. I'm tackling the place every day, but every time I clean one area, I notice another that looks even worse. Maybe if I'd paid more attention to domestic tasks over the last three years it would be a little easier now.

Anyone who thinks a housewife has it easy compared to a husband who goes out to work every day ought to try managing a home without help. It's a test of strength, endurance, observation, mental resilience; and it's really hard to do it well.

I'm going out now to seek distraction in the noise and hustle of the Sainsbury's down the hill. It's a shame these days of peace and quiet domestic activity have to end.


Anonymous said…
I have some stuff to mail you, but perhaps it will be safer if I wait until you are in your new premises, yes?
Bruce Hodder said…
I think so. Don't know what the Australian postal system is like, but I wouldn't bet my granny on prompt delivery this end. I'll send you my new address as soon as I find out what it is! (If they told me the house number I can't remember it.)
Anonymous said…
Okay, Bruce, we shall wait until you have moved in.