Channel 4 in England is trailing a new show about Islamic extremism with quotes from Muslim leaders stating that women's equality is a myth, homosexuality an infamy, and the Bible a tract full of filth.
And yet, many Christians believe exactly the same thing--obviously substituting the Koran for the Bible. They'll state with bullish pride that a woman's place is in the home and that gays are going to Hell, though they will give you the bullshit rationalisation that they condemn the act of homosexuality rather than the person.
They won't state publically that the Koran is a tract full of filth, but they'll say it quite happily in private. I know. I heard one say it yesterday. They warned me that if I read the Koran I would be risking spiritual and moral danger.
anyone got a copy I can borrow?

I'm beginning to wonder how much of a difference there is between the Muslims and the Christians, at least on the radical side. Maybe their nearly-identical philosophies explain why they can't abide each other.


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you here. Every religion has extremist parts of it though. The Christians did the same killing in there so called "holy war".

Just my 2 cents.

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Bruce Hodder said…
Welcome to Suffolk Punch Haydn. I think you're right about religion breeding a certain amount of extremism. Even Buddhism has unenlightened views about women and homosexuals. Oppressors and bigots are everywhere. Movements, I once wrote, are for symphonies and the bowels, not serious thinkers.