Harry Fainlight

Joseph R. Clarke's intelligent reminder about the absence of Harry Fainlight from Children of Albion has led to an hour's digging around on the internet by your friendly editor to see what I could find either about Harry's relationship with Michael Horovitz, or his life in general. The answer in both cases is not much, not in the less scholarly corners of the web anyway. There may be reams on JStore (or is that Jstor?) and Google Scholar, but we poets only venture where the corpses don't use polysyllables and smell of offices that someone else has cleaned. You can learn a lot of basic information here.


The following is a rather beautiful poem written for Harry by his sister Ruth.

In Memoriam H.P.F.

God, the dead, the Donna Elvira
all inhabit the same realm:
the great democracy of Imagination.

Every paradise and underworld
beyond a blue horizon —
Sheol or Elysium —
is a beautiful product of mental function:
conjuration, prayer, and purpose.

I shall not meet my dead again
as I remember them
alive, except in dreams or poems.
Your death was the final proof
I needed to confirm that knowledge.


A Selection of Contemporary British Verse. University of Bucharest. 2004