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To say Suffolk Punch is a labour of love would be wrong. Like any creative work it's a labour of necessity, an existential or scatological compulsion. I would have to do it if I lived alone in a high tower and saw no one from January to December. In fact, I have been in that situation metaphorically, at times, and even when I've had a break from SP I've always returned to it. So I can't really claim it as a diverting hobby (I hate that word anyway); it's more like an itch or a spasm of discomfort that won't go away until I've posted here. I can't make a convincing argument for SP as a public service either. You don't need this blog at all. The vast majority of the citizens of the world have no idea of its existence and they seem to get along just fine without it. (Although I am tempted to think there would be fewer wars and less poverty and disease if they made me king.)SP is as insignificant to the world as a feather blown on the wind. But you read it anyway, don't you? And some of you get some sort of perverse, momentary satisfaction out of it. You must, or you wouldn't come back for more, as some of you have done, month after month--although a glance at the comments field from when the blog began in 2006 will show you how many readers have fallen by the wayside since then. Lightweights. All of which brings me to a rather sticky point. I do this because I want to, and no, no one needs it, but if anyone among you can afford to support the continued existence of SP with a small donation, the money would be immensely appreciated. The income I derive from these creative activities is next to zero, and the income I get from money work away from the laptop isn't much greater. A little cheque or postal order for £2.50 or a fiver would go surprisingly far towards maintenance of my ancient laptop or paying for the electricity I use when I'm on here writing. And I don't want to have to take this offline and spends hours scribbling in my journals for my own entertainment alone. I did that before the internet arrived, and I have no more room for the journals. My postal address, for any donations you feel able to send, is:- 11 Borrowdale Walk Lakeview Northampton NN3 6PW Please make cheques etc. payable to Bruce Hodder. Alternatively you can donate through Paypal. But don't worry if you can't give anything right now. I appreciate that times are hard, and we're all rowing through the same murky waters.

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