Hire Bruce Hodder

In addition to editing Suffolk Punch I am also available for other work. Primarily:

1.Poetry readings. You can see an example of my poetry at the sister page of "Suffolk Punch," which is called--startlingly--"Bruce Hodder Poetry." (Perhaps I should think of a better name.) Go to http://jackthebardstard.blogspot.co.uk.

2.Freelance writing, especially on the arts, but also politics and religion, especially Buddhism.

3.Tutoring/ coaching in English language and literature, in person or online. This is usually for speakers of a foreign language who wish to improve their English.

4.Presentations/ lectures on literary history to local societies. My specialist subject is the Beat Generation 1944 - 1997. I also offer a more general presentation on American literature 1850 - 1950 and a talk on Romanticism.

5.Reading groups in residential homes.

6.Business admin/ consultation - especially re: advertising copy and correspondence.

7.Promotion of writers/ bands/ artists in Northampton area.

All of these undertaken at a reasonable cost to you. If you have an interest in employing me for any of these things, or any other related work, please email me at bruce.hodder@hotmail.co.uk.

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