Friday, January 08, 2016

Lazy Boy Checking In

It's now ten years since I started SUFFOLK PUNCH. It's also, shamefully, ten months since I wrote anything on it. I didn't realise this until I logged in half an hour ago.

MARCH 2015? How the hell can it be nearly a year since I wrote anything on this blog? It seems only...wait, nearly a year, actually, since my whimsical Buddha rabbit experience (see last post).

And what has happened in the last 10 months? (Not much.) Is there any justification for this slovenly keyboard performance?

Well, not having a keyboard is a good justification. I still don't have any internet either, not at home. I post from home to social media, but from my phone. My epilepsy doesn't respond well to more prolonged sessions on my mobile, though, so blog posts aren't a good idea.

Plus I'm still working nights, 5 nights a week, and sleeping most of the day. It's kind of hard to make time to get up between sleep and work and bus into town to go to an internet café.

But all these are excuses. I have enough money to respond to the avalanche of broadband offers I get through the mail every day. And some of the ones I've chucked in the bin would have given me a free tablet. I just haven't worked hard enough, and now we've reached the 10th anniversary of SUFFOLK PUNCH, I've decided that has to change.

We'll see how long the resolution sticks.

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